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 Support Posting Guidlines

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Support Posting Guidlines Empty
PostSubject: Support Posting Guidlines   Support Posting Guidlines Empty2/19/2013, 7:31 pm

So if you're here to post a problem you're having with the chat, which you more than likely are, here are the guidlines you need to follow so we can ensure that you get the best answer and the problem fixed right away.
Please include the following;


Quote :
- When it happened
- What you were doing at the time and just prior to the error
- The actual text of the error message (if any)
- What browser you are using (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc)
- Operating system: Windows (what version) or Mac (what version)
- And any other relevant information.

If there's already been a thread made about your problem, a forum moderator will be locking the thread, telling you to post your information in the thread.
(A link will be provided to the appropriate thread)
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Support Posting Guidlines
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